Our corporate partners play a vital role in making Solas Project’s vision a reality.

When a child realises someone has voluntarily taken time out of their busy lives to be with them—not because they are paid to be there, but because they value them and believe in their potential—this unlocks self-worth. Your company can help Solas Project achieve our vision to see an Ireland where all young people truly know their self-worth and can take full advantage of their potential.

We realise that each business is different. We have various levels of involvement available, depending on your company’s resources. We work closely with you and your team to create a partnership which can be tailored to your business structure in order to support your CSR goals.


  • Indirect Volunteering: As a small team, we rely on skilled volunteers to support various projects like IT development, strategic planning or legal advice.
  • Direct Volunteering: get involved in our various programmes, such as Solas BusinessSolas College and Solas Sports.
  • Think Tank: We invite our corporate partners to collectively participate in discussions, research and brainstorming sessions to develop practical, evidence-based solutions to social issues. 
  • Direct Funding: financial contribution directly from business
  • Indirect Funding: staff fundraising through events, such as marathons, triathlons, pub quizzes, etc.

To get involved or receive an information pack, please contact Amy Ryan.

Thank you so much for the experience last week’s presentation brought...I have huge hope invested in them and their years ahead as they develop to young adults. They are wonderful children!
— Lorraine, State Street Global Advisors