David Jackson

Youth Cultivator, Compass

dave@solasproject.ie  |  083.451.8807

As the team leader for Compass, Dave organises activities, plans staffing, and spends time with young people, encouraging them to achieve their potential by supporting and believing in them. Having learned the hard way himself, he was inspired to work in the probation field. Dave was able to turn his life around and wants the same for the young men in the programme.

Dave spent time as a probation officer in the UK—in both community and prison settings, working across a total of 21 different detention centres. He also established a mentoring scheme in England through a charity that supports young people being released from prison.

He attended both the University of Central Lancashire and Newcastle University and has a diploma in Social Work (degree-level UK Social Worker Qualification) and a degree in Sociology and Psychology (MSc Combined Honours).

Dave fell in love and followed his heart to Ireland to be with his partner—six years later, he's still head over heels!