Rachel McCullough


Rachel McCullough

Youth Cultivator, After Schools

rachel@solasproject.ie | 086.011.7949

Rachel has been a Youth Cultivator for Solas Project's After Schools programme since July, 2015. She is responsible for the development and day-to-day logistics of running the Junior Club. Along with the organisation's interns and volunteers, she works to provide a structured, safe and home-like environment for the children. Her job includes facilitating programmes and activities which help each child grow in confidence and learn new skills.

Rachel's favourite aspect of club is homework time—she enjoys watching each child's confidence grow weekly as they progress in school. She also loves that there is so much opportunity for fun with young children, finding joy in watching their creativity and imagination's run wild during free play time.

She holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and an M.A. in Applied Theology. Rachel hails from Lurgan, County Armagh. Outside of work, she enjoys baking, sharing what she bakes with friends, sewing, film and music—and is an occasional (sporadic) runner.